“The Empress Has No Clothes” and Neither Do I

Empress-Cover-largerSo, I have a confession to make – I play cool on television, but inside, I often feel as though I’m holding my breath, treading lightly where I walk, lest they find out I’m not as put together as I pretend to be.  You know what I’m talking about: that dreaded feeling that many of us constantly agonize over, that someday our friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, bosses, pets, grocery store workers, the stranger on the street rapping to himself on a sidewalk (you get my drift), will discover that you are a phony.  It is this perpetual self-doubt, this “imposter syndrome” that can derail many careers mid-stream or sabotage them before they even get started.

I was immediately fascinated by Joyce Roche’s book, The Empress Has No Clothes: Conquering Self-Doubt to Embrace Success, when it was recommended on inGenius by my colleague and former boss, Beth McIntyre (Executive Director, Piedmont Regional Library System).  In this business memoir, Roche details her journey from humble beginnings to rising to the top of the C-suite.  As you breeze through the pages, Roche earnestly (and quite wittily on several occasions) shares a cocktail of her own experiences, valuable lessons learned from other business leaders, and research about the imposter syndrome.  Even if you don’t have time to read the work in its entirety, there are insights that can be gleaned from any one of the twelve chapters in the book.   

Instead of monologing into the ether about what I’ve learned about myself from reading this book and the golden nuggets of knowledge that I plan to apply to my life, I’d like to invite my fellow GLEAN users to engage in a conversation around The Empress Has No Clothes From now until August 31, let’s use the Notes and Comments features of inGenius for a virtual book discussion.  Getting started is easy, and can be done by following the process below (Visual learners can click the links in each step to view short instructional videos.):

1.  Log in to GLEAN and activate inGenius if you have not done so already.  Set your profile to “visible” if you plan to participate in the discussion.   

2.  Go to Books 24×7 and search for “The Empress Has No Clothes”.   If you have not accessed Books 24×7 previously, you will be prompted to accept a license to the site.

3.  Read the The Empress Has No Clothes and interact with fellow readers by adding notes and comments from within Books 24×7, not the main GLEAN site.  inGenius is currently not functioning properly from the primary GLEAN interface and comments/notes posted there will not be visible to other inGenius users.  This issue is being investigated by tech support, and I’ll post an update to the CE blog when it is working again.

4.  Stay current on the discussion by regularly checking your inGenious feed and notifications in Books 24×7, or by updating your Books 24×7 notification options.  Notification settings can be changed by going in to Books 24×7–>Account Info (a tab in the upper-right corner of your screen)–>Notifcation Options (under Settings in the left navigation pane). 

I look forward to our first ever book discussion powered by inGenius and hearing what you think about The Empress Has No Clothes.   

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Author:Jay Turner

Jay Turner is the director of continuing education and training for the Georgia Public Library Service, where he administers a comprehensive learning and development program for the state’s 63 library systems. He began his public library career at the age of 15 as a page, and for almost the past two decades he has progressively served Georgia’s public libraries in multiple capacities: assisting customers on the front lines, coordinating teen programs, managing staff training and development initiatives, and implementing technology and processes to improve learning in libraries. His current focus is collaborating across libraries, agencies, and industries to develop effective, cost-efficient learning programs. His tremendous passion for learning and development is second only to his prodigious appetite and rabid fanaticism with Norwegian death metal.

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