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A short report from the SCUNC (pronounced “skunk”)

Last month, I attended the ASERL SCUNC, another in my (I hope) streak of small, nimble conferences. I stretched myself at this one — I am not the Scholarly Communications librarian at Georgia Tech (that’s my friend and fellow Lost in the Stacks producer Fred Rascoe) and so I was putting myself in conversation with […]

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Shaking the Magic 8 Ball – technology trends 2015

My original idea for was to do a little crystal ball gazing, but looking at projected trends for next year, the landscape seems to be more a progression of existing technology rather than new technology.  So maybe it is more akin to shaking the Magic 8 Ball – will it work? How well? How can […]

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Open Your Mind to Open Access

Open your mind to Open Access! This week libraries, schools, colleges, universities and others are celebrating International Open Access Week (October 20 – 26, 2014). Are you still not sure what OpenAccess? Why should libraries and librarians even care? Let’s start with the basics: what is it? Open Access focuses on free, unrestricted online access […]

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