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A Lean, Mean Conference Machine

I almost titled this entry “Why I Am Not Going To ACRL This Year” but then I realized that my point was not that I wasn’t going to ACRL despite having enjoyed several ACRLs in the past and wanting an excuse to go to Portland, and I have no beef with ACRL that would last for […]

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Warm Thoughts from HICE

So, I just attended and presented at the Hawaii International Conference On Education (HICE) last week. “What??” you say.  “It was 10 degrees Fahrenheit in west Georgia last week and you were on the beach in Honolulu??” I’m sure that places me very near the bottom of your friend list. However, it was not all […]

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Why You Need to Attend a Virtual Conference

Would you like to attend a virtual conference but are afraid that you would miss the camaraderie of a face-to-face (F2F) conference? Are you secretly curious about virtual conferences but feel like they just don’t count because they are…well, virtual? Does the thought of attending a virtual conference make you cringe? Whether you are curious […]

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