Are you a planner? I am, and every December I go back through my calendar* and goals and to-do lists and decide: was this a good year? Did I do everything I wanted to do? And, if not… why?

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That last question is always a tough one to answer, because almost always, there’s only one reason that I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted: fear. Fear of failure, fear of missing out (FOMO FTW!), fear of overscheduling and overstretching and falling flat on my face… the list goes on. Hands up, children of the 1990’s: who remembers those ubiquitous “No Fear” shirts and stickers? (For the record, I was not cool enough to own any “No Fear” gear. My loss, right?)

As I go back and look through my 2014 calendar, though, there were a lot of things that I jumped in and finally did. Presented at a conference? Check (times three!). Finally attended that meetup that I’d been meaning to go to? Check! (WordPress nerds in the north ATL, you should join us!) Launched my “Girls in Tech” STEM initiative that I’d been wanting to do? Check – and it was a huge success! 2014 was officially my year of “No Fear.” Now to get that t-shirt…

What’s on my list for 2015? I’m setting a goal now: to take advantage of at least one resource in GLEAN each month. That’s it – just one a month. (My stats are pretty dismal – I’ll be the first one to admit it. I am a huge fan of GLEAN, but I’m constantly starting classes I don’t finish!)

I can’t think of a single reason that I can’t accomplish this. What could hold me back? Fear? Of what? Of learning? (That’s an actual thing, and there’s an article about that here in this random blog that I found.) Fear won’t hold me back this year, folks! (Hold me to it… I’m super-afraid of failure. This year, I’ll use fear to my advantage!)

So, I’ve gone through GLEAN and identified items that I’d like to finish each month. Skillport has this really cool feature where you can pick out classes you’d like to take or books you’d like to read, and then give yourself a deadline to finish it. There are at least 12 learning opportunities on my personal learning plan, and I’ve given myself deadlines for each one. That way, I have no excuse not to complete each one. And seriously, there are some really great resources here! I’m excited to get started! Let’s go, 2015!!

Do you already have a personal learning plan mapped out for 2015? I’d love to see your list!

Personal Learning Plan
Here’s part of my Learning Plan for 2015. What does yours look like?


So, how did your 2014 shape up? Are there things you wanted to do, but didn’t, for some reason? And what’s on your to-do list for 2015? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



*Seriously, I still use a paper calendar. I’m told I’m the last one! Is anyone still a member of the paper calendar club? (If so, Target has some super-cute ones right now!)


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