It’s Gonna Be May


I can't resist a good meme.  Yes, I'm late, but that's the story of my life.  Anyhow, on to the goods.  

May is always a busy time for public libraries.  For some of us, activities related to closing out the fiscal year loom ominously around the corner.  Others among us find their hands trembling with fear and excitement as they gear up for summer reading programs.  More still are taking stock of their continuing education and crunching the numbers to see if they have enough contact hours to renew their librarian certification.  Even though right now you May not (lame pun intended, thank you very much) have time to scour through the awesome entirety of GLEAN's catalog to find resources that fit your fancy, we’re leveraging the wisdom of crowd to give you a short list of programs that you can access to continue learning and growing.  

What’s New in GLEAN?

In the Recently Added folder (Catalog–>Just for Libraries–>Recently Added), you’ll find six new webinar archives from our partners over at InfoPeople:


Top Lynda Courses

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Author:Jay Turner

Jay Turner is the director of continuing education and training for the Georgia Public Library Service, where he administers a comprehensive learning and development program for the state’s 63 library systems. He began his public library career at the age of 15 as a page, and for almost the past two decades he has progressively served Georgia’s public libraries in multiple capacities: assisting customers on the front lines, coordinating teen programs, managing staff training and development initiatives, and implementing technology and processes to improve learning in libraries. His current focus is collaborating across libraries, agencies, and industries to develop effective, cost-efficient learning programs. His tremendous passion for learning and development is second only to his prodigious appetite and rabid fanaticism with Norwegian death metal.

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