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Is it a Library if it has no books?

By now we’ve probably all heard of Florida Polytechnic University’s Bookless Library. Florida State University’s latest campus hopes to form part of a new Silicon Valley East between Tampa and Orlando by producing a new generation of highly educated STEM graduates. Part of the plan is to immerse students in an environment laden with the […]

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E-Learning & Soft Skills

Are there some things that an online course can’t teach? A lot of the talk around services like GLEAN and focuses on ‘Hard Skills’, which is to say, skills that are easily defined and measurable such as the ability to create a spreadsheet in excel or a webpage in HTML. For me there’s really […]

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Three Reasons You Should Be Learning With Lynda

It’s free! (But just for you) As an active member of GLEAN you can request access to, one of the world’s most popular e-learning websites with over 3,000 video courses, and new courses being added every single week. And you know what’s better than having access to thousands of courses? Getting it for free […]

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