glean hand 2GLEAN Magazine, the official continuing education and training blog for the Georgia Public Library Service, is your destination for the latest and greatest news, features, and updates in learning for library staff members. Our editorial vision is, “We learn best when we learn together”, so we strive to seed and feed a community of learning, not only in Georgia’s libraries, but for those across the country. Our editorial team is comprised of library staff members from different types of libraries from across the state, and they have varying degrees of authority and experience. We also feature guest contributions that represent a diversity of voices and opinions, including those from other industries. We want to be more than just another library blog. We want GLEAN Magazine to be your first choice for continuing education.


At GLEAN Magazine, we empower the staffs of libraries to best support their clients and communities by:

  • Providing coverage of trends and hot topics  in libraries, learning, and organizational development
  • Linking staff members to relevant online learning resources
  • Announcing learning events in a timely manner
GLEAN Magazine is a community-driven blog. The opinions expressed herein belong expressly to individual authors and contributors, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Georgia Public Library Service.


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