E-Learning & Soft Skills

Are there some things that an online course can’t teach? A lot of the talk around services like GLEAN and Lynda.com focuses on ‘Hard Skills’, which is to say, skills ...

Letting Your Library Speak for You (Part 1)

One of the most magical characteristics of a library is the stories it contains. Stories are everywhere, from the books on the shelves to the event flyers in the vestibule. ...

Community Spotlight

Introducing Robot Test Kitchen

Robot Test Kitchen started out as a project with ILEAD-USA, an IMLS ...

You are the Captain of your Career Ship

  Careers aren’t as linear as they used to be. We have ...

Collection Development: Not For the Faint of Math

When I tell folks I am a librarian with 15 years of ...

Latest News

Continuing Education Resolutions for 2015!

I spend a lot of my professional life touting the benefits of our library system’s free databases to our patrons and the public in general, and while I do actually use many of them myself while manning the reference desk, I have never actually enrolled in an online course through the continuing education databases that […]

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Warm Thoughts from HICE

So, I just attended and presented at the Hawaii International Conference On Education (HICE) last week. “What??” you say.  “It was 10 degrees Fahrenheit in west Georgia last week and you were on the beach in Honolulu??” I’m sure that places me very near the bottom of your friend list. However, it was not all […]

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New Year, New Possibilities

Having just recently stepped over the threshold into a new year, I started thinking of all the possibilities a new year can bring and I can’t help but get a little excited.  A lot of people make resolutions and try to better themselves in a myriad of ways—losing weight, quit smoking, try something new, visiting […]

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Shaking the Magic 8 Ball – technology trends 2015

My original idea for was to do a little crystal ball gazing, but looking at projected trends for next year, the landscape seems to be more a progression of existing technology rather than new technology.  So maybe it is more akin to shaking the Magic 8 Ball – will it work? How well? How can […]

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Why Libraries Are Punk Rock

Forget mohawks, safety pins, and British accents. Let’s take Ian MacKaye’s definition of punk. (If you don’t know why you should trust Mr. MacKaye’s definition of punk, here’s how he started Dischord and this is a recent ode to his band Fugazi.) “Since I think of punk as the free space, which means a place where new ideas […]

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Reader’s Advisory in a Pinch

“I’m looking for a good book. Can you find me something…NOW?!” More and more often we frontline librarians are dealing with patrons who want whatever it is they are looking for “right now.” Reference interview? Only if you can do it in 1.5 seconds. In this age of immediate accessibility to information it helps to have tools […]

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Why You Need to Attend a Virtual Conference

Would you like to attend a virtual conference but are afraid that you would miss the camaraderie of a face-to-face (F2F) conference? Are you secretly curious about virtual conferences but feel like they just don’t count because they are…well, virtual? Does the thought of attending a virtual conference make you cringe? Whether you are curious […]

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Book Groupies

Book Groupies Tammy Gerson   So, you just learned that you’ll be facilitating a book group at your library! “What?” you say. “I have to read and talk about a book?” Some of us have felt the dread that comes along with facilitating a book discussion group. I still recall the feeling when I cautiously […]

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To Weed or Not to Weed

When we think about collection development, we tend to focus on the “fun” part – purchasing new books. We spend hours poring over catalogs and bestseller lists, reading reviews and chapter samples. Then, there is the magical moment when you open crates and find stacks of newly processed items, all shiny and ready for their […]

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