Managing Library Traffic

Recently, I’ve noticed that the library where I work has been busier than ever—I see lots of new faces, the computer lab is often full, and it’s hard to find ...

The High School Library: Portal for STEM Programs Through ROV Support

When my 16-year-old grandson started talking about being on the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) team a couple of years ago, I knew he was referring to robotics of some sort. ...

Don’t Get Caught Unawares: Planning a Marketing Calendar

Happy New Year! I promise I haven’t spent too much time in the sun. It really is the new year. The new fiscal year! Maybe not as exciting as the ...

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The More Things Change…

Browsing through a pile of notes and drafts, I found this introduction to an article that I never wrote: Confronted with the alarmist metaphor of “The Digital Revolution”, some university libraries have transformed their traditionally quiet, austere spaces into social, service-rich areas to counteract the diminished headcounts caused by ubiquitous digital resources. The transformation appears […]

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The Surprising Delight of a Project Management Workshop

NB: This is not a sales pitch so I will not recommend any classes or teachers by name. This is simply an ode to the experience. A few weeks ago, I participated in a day-long workshop on project management, led by a big university’s IT project manager — someone who runs big, year-long, multiple-facet projects […]

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Legislative Roundup for Georgia Libraries

Wondering how Georgia’s legislature affects our libraries? Tune in on Wednesday, July 15 at 2 pm for a webinar with state librarian Julie Walker. She’ll review the 2015 legislative session, which included funding for six public library construction projects; she’ll also discuss the legislative issues that affect libraries today and what to keep an eye […]

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Continuing Education Events – July 2015

Looking for free online learning events in July? We’ve rounded up a few that we think you’ll enjoy, and you can find a full list over on our calendar. Happy learning!   Legislative Roundup for Georgia Libraries Presented by the Georgia Public Library Service Wednesday, July 15 2 – 3 PM Register HERE! The Georgia […]

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Can Librarians Crack the Code?

Two recent articles in American Libraries magazine – “Get Cracking on Code” (March/April 2015) and “Learning to Code” (May 2015) caught my attention and got me thinking about how learning to write code could help me in my job as a librarian. After reading these articles and doing some research I discovered that libraries are […]

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Making it – New technologies & how libraries can use them

In the last few weeks, I’ve attended several conferences, presentations, workshops, some face to face, others virtually — you know, all of that stuff we do to keep up. Here are a few trends and products that I find interesting (and some of which my library will be supporting in their technology lab): Wearables – […]

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A short report from the SCUNC (pronounced “skunk”)

Last month, I attended the ASERL SCUNC, another in my (I hope) streak of small, nimble conferences. I stretched myself at this one — I am not the Scholarly Communications librarian at Georgia Tech (that’s my friend and fellow Lost in the Stacks producer Fred Rascoe) and so I was putting myself in conversation with […]

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Don’t Go It Alone: The Role of Networking in Continuing Education

I am not a natural networker. When people say networking, I get this cold sweat that it means they want me to introduce myself to strangers and force them into small talk so that they can benefit me somewhere down the road. And maybe in some industries that’s how it is, but it has not […]

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Curl Up With a Good…Ebook!

Last month I wrote about e-readers and buying vs. checking out eBooks. While doing some related research, I gained a new appreciation for the vast amount of information available on eBooks and libraries. So this month I’m sharing some of what I discovered about eBooks, along with a few useful articles and blogs that might […]

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Let’s Talk About What’s FAIR

This week, I enjoyed leading a spirited discussion with a Georgia school district’s media personnel about the topic of copyright and fair use. I was interested to hear the questions these P-12 media specialists had regarding what can and cannot be done regarding copyright law — in other words, what is FAIR?   A few of the […]

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