I Don’t Care About Your Services, But I’d Love to Hear Your Solutions

I started my Wednesday morning with a call form one of the branch managers in my system who I work with regularly. I had just put together a standard marketing ...

Library-Vendor Partnerships

Librarian-vendor relationships are a crucial part of any library’s operations, but often are seen as annoying or even adversarial. We need our vendors and their products or services and we ...

It Takes a Village

I recently wrote a grant application (my first one!) for the “Best Small Library in America” award, given out by the Library Journal. As I was listing all the things ...

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Webinar Archive: Reading Nooks that Support Writing Too

Children become stronger readers by being more aware of and inspired by amazing, interesting stories. Typically, adults share their love for stories through reading picture books to their young readers. Did you know that reading skills enhance writing skills, and writing skills enhance reading skills? It’s true. So, why not provide opportunities for young learners […]

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Webinar Archive: Supporting English Language Learners

Today we had another great session from Dr. Laura Meyers, who was joined by ESOL teacher Felicia Baiden. Here’s the webinar description: If “it takes a village” is your motto, then it’s important to consider how librarians can support their young learners by supporting their young learners’ families. By exploring and celebrating your community’s cultures with […]

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Webinar Archive: Early Literacy Advocacy

Today we had another great session from Dr. Laura Johns of Propulsion Squared: Early Literacy Advocacy. This one-hour webinar focused on strategies and key messages to support your ability to advocate for the work you do to support literacy in your community. This webinar is hosted by the Georgia Public Library Service and was made […]

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Webinar Archive: Read Aloud Tips and Strategies

Today we had another great session from Dr. Laura Meyers, along with special guest Dr. Lydia Criss Mays. Participants for this session explored the most popular reading strategy used by educators of infants through kindergarten: read alouds. We also discussed how various styles and levels can be implemented to better engage “young readers”, increase excitement […]

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Webinar Archive: Social and Emotional Development

Today we had another great webinar; this one was presented by Dr. Laura Johns of Propulsion Squared. This session provided an overview of child development theories related to the social and emotional development of young children. Additional information on why children may act inappropriately and strategies for supporting social and emotional development were also discussed.

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Webinar Archive: Culturally Responsive Approaches to Children’s Book Selections

Ever wonder if you’re choosing the “right” book for each reader? Do your choices reflect your young readers’ cultures, languages, interests, families, and communities? This session, recorded on September 10, 2015, helped librarians grapple with the choices available to their young patrons and what voices may be needed. This session was presented by Dr. Laura Meyers […]

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Penny Pinching Print Shop: Stretching Marketing Dollars By Bringing Production In-House

I have been to more than few conference sessions on marketing, outreach, and how to get the word out about all the awesome things libraries are doing. And well-funded systems point out all these initiatives they were able to take on that had a fantastic return on investment. But the first question in the Q&A […]

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Webinar Archive: Arts Integration and Children’s Books

Today we had a fantastic webinar from Dr. Laura Meyers from Georgia State University and Olivia Aston Bosworth at the Alliance Theatre on using arts to enhance story time! Participants explored using “story baskets” to tell and retell stories, and heard a great rendition of “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Handouts from the session: Song – Friends […]

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Early Literacy Webinar Series Announced

Early Literacy Webinars are being offered as part of the B4 program; it’s an exciting lineup of experts, and this is a fantastic opportunity for your early literacy specialists to learn about some great topics (and earn some CEUs!). All of the events can be found at: http://georgialibraries.webex.com/eventcenter Sessions will be archived in GLEAN for […]

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The More Things Change…

Browsing through a pile of notes and drafts, I found this introduction to an article that I never wrote: Confronted with the alarmist metaphor of “The Digital Revolution”, some university libraries have transformed their traditionally quiet, austere spaces into social, service-rich areas to counteract the diminished headcounts caused by ubiquitous digital resources. The transformation appears […]

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