How Do We Turn All Library Lovers Into Library Users?

I recently came across a quote from a blog post by the Annoyed Librarian in Library Journal that gave me pause and made me stop and think for a second. ...

Building a Personal Learning Network – 10 resources to add to your professional development toolbox

There is a wealth of resources to learn and grow professionally. In addition to GLEAN’s offerings which Julia summarized so nicely in an earlier post, there are a many resources and ...

In the Eyes of the Children…

I LOVE working with the Helen Ruffin Reading Bowl! What’s that, the HRRB, you say? The HRRB is, simply, confirmation that many, many students in Georgia P-12 schools love to ...

Community Spotlight

Continuing Education Resolutions for 2015!

I spend a lot of my professional life touting the benefits of ...

Letting Your Library Speak for You (Part 1)

One of the most magical characteristics of a library is the stories ...

Warm Thoughts from HICE

So, I just attended and presented at the Hawaii International Conference On ...

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Letting Your Library Speak for You – Part 2

We all want our libraries to draw people in. We want to develop friendly, inviting atmospheres that encourage conversation, but the ultimate goal is to recommend books and drive circulation. Some days it’s easy to put the right book in each patron’s hands; on other days, it’s all you can do say hello, much less […]

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Is it a Library if it has no books?

By now we’ve probably all heard of Florida Polytechnic University’s Bookless Library. Florida State University’s latest campus hopes to form part of a new Silicon Valley East between Tampa and Orlando by producing a new generation of highly educated STEM graduates. Part of the plan is to immerse students in an environment laden with the […]

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Not Everyone Thinks Well Of Us

I have been enjoying a professional renaissance for the past couple years, finding new joy in libraries and my identity as a librarian. Certainly, I had to get real low before I could be lifted up but the rise has been lovely. In a recession, libraries are especially valued. The materiality of our collections are […]

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Look and Feel: A Picture Says It All

I work in a large, far-flung regional public library system, but if there is one thing that almost every employee knows about me is that I hate clip-art. I hate it with the heat of a dying star. I hate it with the intensity of a black hole. It brings back my old stress eye […]

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Remember Why We Love Libraries

If someone asked you why you love libraries, how would you answer? For those of us working in the library field, the answer is probably very specific and personal to our own library experiences. What I love most about libraries is hard to put into words—it’s not just that libraries are keepers of knowledge or […]

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Get out there: Devices & apps to help keep New Year’s resolutions

 As rumors of the Apple Watch continue to bounce around the internet, it might be time to take a look at existing devices or health and fitness apps that work with your phone —  many of which are free! So on that note, let’s check out some technology and perhaps, keep a New Year’s resolution […]

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E-Learning & Soft Skills

Are there some things that an online course can’t teach? A lot of the talk around services like GLEAN and focuses on ‘Hard Skills’, which is to say, skills that are easily defined and measurable such as the ability to create a spreadsheet in excel or a webpage in HTML. For me there’s really […]

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New Year, New Possibilities

Having just recently stepped over the threshold into a new year, I started thinking of all the possibilities a new year can bring and I can’t help but get a little excited.  A lot of people make resolutions and try to better themselves in a myriad of ways—losing weight, quit smoking, try something new, visiting […]

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Shaking the Magic 8 Ball – technology trends 2015

My original idea for was to do a little crystal ball gazing, but looking at projected trends for next year, the landscape seems to be more a progression of existing technology rather than new technology.  So maybe it is more akin to shaking the Magic 8 Ball – will it work? How well? How can […]

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Why Libraries Are Punk Rock

Forget mohawks, safety pins, and British accents. Let’s take Ian MacKaye’s definition of punk. (If you don’t know why you should trust Mr. MacKaye’s definition of punk, here’s how he started Dischord and this is a recent ode to his band Fugazi.) “Since I think of punk as the free space, which means a place where new ideas […]

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